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Mercedes Sprinter is For Big Families


Mercedes Sprinter and the overabundance of different vehicles advertised towards families all make the thing in like manner: they’re enthusiastic about the outside, cramped within. That, as well as they aren’t reasonable for longer outings that include pressing gear for yourself and the majority of your children.

Best for traveling

Make proper acquaintance with the Mercedes Sprinter, Chrysler’s reaction to the ocean of unbalanced and ugly vans that have overwhelmed the sales floors. The traveler form of the Sprinter is snappy and smooth with tinted raise windows and an effortless slanting front end. Pressed with interesting standard highlights, numerous customization alternatives, and huge amounts of accessible additional items, the Mercedes Sprinter is taking the family van to the following level. The feature of the Mercedes Sprinter is effectively it’s roomy inside. It has ten full-sized, removable seats and with your decision of body lengths (233 or 273 inches) and rooftop statures (standard or high). In the event that that isn’t sufficient space for your family, you likely need to pack less or purchase a transport.

Alternate livens about the Mercedes Sprinter is that you can without much of a stretch tailor it to suit your family’s needs. Its towing limit (somewhere in the range of 5,000 and 7,500 lbs) and payload zone make it a perfect van for long excursions. With a 3.0-liter turbo diesel V6 with 154 strength (discretionary 3.5-liter gas V6 additionally accessible), the Mercedes Sprinter shows signs of improved gas mileage and efficiency than numerous littler vans, so those lengthy drives will be simple on the wallet. The Mercedes Sprinter can likewise be changed over into a comfortable camper. Its strong ground surface and seating adaptability make it easy to transform it from van to home on wheels. Numerous Sprinter proprietors have had incredible accomplishment in including beds, smaller than usual ice chests, and different enhancements to their van.

Sprinter van

Different highlights that make the Sprinter such an engaging family van is a decision of two wheelbases, either 144 or 170 inches, five-speed programmed transmission, security control, standard atmosphere control, tilt and extending controlling wheel, non-freezing stopping devices, and a crisis window. In the event that you need to alter your van significantly further, Chrysler has numerous accessible additional items, for example, raise stopping help, sun rooftop, and warmed seats.

There is almost certain that the Sprinter is a major vehicle. Its width may seem to force, yet it is a shockingly lithe and smooth drive. A prevalent van in Europe for some years, the Sprinter was built to explore the limited roads and tight turns normal in different nations.


In spite of the fact that you may have seen Sprinters being utilized as load, conveyance, or transport vans, the traveler form is an incredible choice for those searching for a comfortable and appealing family vehicle. Chrysler has adjusted it to suit a rural way of life while keeping up a sensible cost. On the off chance that you and your family are in the market for a cushy ride with space to save, the Mercedes Sprinter is the van for you.

Choosing a Refrigerated Van – Guide

A refrigerated van can be essential to businesses that require moving goods at certain temperatures.

For instance, many food products should be transferred at a certain temp to avoid them from heading off or outdated. There are plenty of different styles and types of refrigerated vehicle available; therefore choosing the right refrigerated van is an important decision and an expensive one if it is not madeeffectively.

Tips for the best-refrigerated van!

In this website entry, we have come up with some top tips and things that you should consider when choosing your refrigerated truck. It isimportant that you provide the seller or the business converting your automobile with as much detail as is possible so that they can help you work out which type of truck will be best suited for your industry-specific needs.

You might like to consider

What temps do you need your goods to be chilledat?

This is determined by what food you are transporting. For example, ice cream needs to be at -20 and iced meats no warmer than -15. If you are carrying bread or cold meatyou would be using just chilled operation at around plus 2 or 3 3, similar to a home refrigerator temp.

Do you need a chiller vehicle or a refrigerator van?

Again this will require you to take into account the type of products/ goods that you are going to be carrying in these vehicles. Some conversions will allow you to split the temp in the van so that you can transport product that might require different storage area temperatures. All RVR vans have dual compartments, letting you take foods at different temps.

How about to defrost the goods in your van?

Most vans will defrost on the time basis. Systems and products may also be installed to help maintain a constant heat within the truck. All RVR vans have an automated defrosting system.

How about to keep carefully the van refrigerated overnight?

Some vans will help you to affix a plug-inelectric stand that will help you to keep the goods in your van refrigerated and cooled instantly with no need for the vehicle engine motor to be held running. This may be considered an affordable solution for keeping your meal at the correct temps required. All RVR vans have this service.

How long are you going to need your vehicle for?

Varying agreements can usually be taken out on finding a refrigerated vehicle. This may range from day work with to weekend seek the services of, monthly work with to seasonal hire or long term contract hire.

Remember a good refrigerated van business can help you with all of your chilled needs. Therefore you should not be reluctant to ask questions you are unsure of. If the company in question are skillfully developed and know their products then they can help you with any inquiries that you might have.

2017 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Review

 On the top, a commercial-use MercedesBenz sprinter vehicle seems just like a reckless extravagance. However, that is only among people unaware that Mercedes vehicles and vans are sought-after workhorses on Western highways, moving goods and hauling freight while its passenger cars ferry the business enterprise class. Moreover, in comparison to full-size American opponents, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter offers lots of unique design capabilities.

To begin with, it is tall. Its load floor is among the most affordable for a full-size vehicle, and with the taller of two open roofs, someone 6-feet-3 can walk around upright inside. Moreover, in its above settings, the Sprinter offers much storage capacity of 547 cubic ft. In people mover form, the Sprinter can carry up to 15 people in five rows in its longest guise.

Despite its long and wobbly position, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter feels pretty manoeuvrable around town because of a modern chassis design that seems a lot less trucklike than cargo and passenger vans from Detroit. It is standard turbodiesel V6 offers better fuel current economic climate than domestic V8s. Horsepower and acceleration, however, are best talked about in related conditions. Despite its name, the Sprinter is better suited to urban and suburban conditions as opposed to the highway.

Current Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

  • The Mercedes Benz sprinter is a full-size vehicle, available in Cargo, Crew or Passenger configurations. Cargo vans offer two leading seats only, as the Crew is a Cargo truck with a second-row bench couch. The Passenger vehicle features four rows and can carry 12 passengers. The larger MiniBus model provides the 5th row for a total of 15 passengers.
  • All models can be found in 2500 styles with two wheelbase lengths (144 and 170 in .). The Cargo is also available as a 3500 model, offering increased payload capacity. Standard features on most Sprinters include 16-inch tires, a hardwood cargo floor, 270-degree-opening rear gates, air-conditioning, a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel and a two-speaker radio. Balance and grip control come standard, as do front airbags.
  • A bewildering selection of options allows owners to tailor their vans accurately and includes a driver-side rear slipping door, parking detectors, a rearview camera, improved front seats, and rear heating and air-conditioning. Cargo and Staff vans can also get a fixed sunroof and roof covering rack mounting rails.
  • All Mercedes-Benz Sprinters receive a turbocharged 3.0-liter diesel V6 which makes 188 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque. A normal five-speed automatic transmission sends power to the rear wheels.

Looking for sprinter van for sale

You will not find wood trim, leather or actively bolstered car seats in this Mercedes-Benz. Moreover, because the Sprinter is built for significant individuals and commercial use, you also won’t find electricity liftgates, “magic” seats, many cupholders and other trappings of the modern family minivan or SUV. Instead, you will discover notably better build quality and a more modern interior environment than in other full-size vans. The Sprinter’s dash and control structure, for example, makes it feel more like a midsize SUV than its energy purpose suggests.

Used Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter debuted in 2010 2010. Before that, Mercedes built the vehicle for Dodge to market under the same name. Neither the Team nor the 15-passenger stretched-wheelbase “MiniBus” editions were available for 2010.  If you are looking for older years, visit our sprinter van for sale page.

Choosing the best refrigerated van for your business

It seems daunting to choose a refrigerated van for the business. There are numerous types available and now and then you see the advertisements saying the refrigerated  vans for sale but, you need an expert opinion before making a decision about choosing the best one and to understand the difference between its types.

Mainly the reefer van for sale are the types of vans which are normally consumed to handle the business related to transportation of products which need to preserve in the cold temperature for long time. These refrigerated vans are used for perishable goods.

Many companies are involved in this business of renting the vans, selling them or converting them useful tool for small businesses.

Types of refrigerated van

There are many types of freezing vans available in the market at different rates ranging from the simple refrigerated vans for sale to the stunning swag of the Mercedes benz sprinter. You can choose anyone of them depending upon your requirements. Here is a brief description of its main three types.

  1. Insulation Refrigerated van

This refrigerated van is padded with the insulation for preventing the accumulation of heat. The thickness of this insulation is 50mm which is composed of the Styrofoam for better regulation of coolness. There is no refrigearation system installed in it which works remarkably. This type of van is used by botanists mostly.

  1. Chiller Refrigerated Van

Second type of refrigerated vans for sale are chiller conversion types vans. They have an insulation of the thickness of 50 mm with a chiller refrigeration system installed in them. It has setup of chiller system which can’t reach the temperature below to 0 degrees Celsius so your product will not get freeze but it will remain preserved for long period.

These reefer van for sale is a good option for the business which involves the production and transportation of vegetables and fruit from on region to another.

  1. Freezer Refrigerated Van

The last type of refrigerated van is a type of freezer. It is used for transportation of frozen products which has an insulation system same as normal refrigerators have. The thickness of insulation varies between 75 mm to 100 mm depending upon the quality of van. Temperature can set below 0 degree Celsius between the range of -10 to -25 degree Celsius.

As the products remain frozen in this refrigerated van, it also has the defrosting system. It can be used for the supply of meat, fish, and ice in the frozen form safely to the markets.

The trend of using refrigerated vans is increasing day by day. You can use any type of van from the above depending upon your requirement and feasibility. Plus, the types of product that your business produces also matter a lot. Either you own a simple reefer van or high-class Mercedes benz sprinter, it depends on the products you need to get transported from one area to another. Obviously you would not compromise on the quality of van for ensuring the safety of the goods.



Cross Contamination, we have all heard of that expression before, which is why it is so important to transport food in a refrigerated van. Cross contamination occurs by the spread of harmful bacteria and pathogens that are passed to the food by a number of ways, such as: touch, transport, equipment, improper handling, etc. But the main reason is discussed in the following paragraphs.

Food Safe

Cold foods need to stay cold. The ideal temperature for cold foods is 40’F or lower. Transporting food at a temperature higher than 40’F encourages bacterial growth on the food. The most dangerous temperature for cold foods is 90’F, which is when all these bacteria just go crazy and begin to produce more and more. So the chances of getting sick, also grows. Let’s just think for a second, 90’F is the average temperature of the inside of the vehicle, may it be a car or van. So transporting food from point A to point B, at that temperature causes a huge risk of bacterial growth. Someone might reason, but we are going to cook it anyway, so what is the big deal? It is a big deal because cooking the food product that has been held at the incorrect temperature, now has growing bacteria on it, so we contaminate our workspace, also most bacteria does not die off, in the high temperatures it is exposed at while being cooked. So we can still get sick, very sick. This is way it is necessary to transport food in a refrigerated van. Never buy perishable items that have not been transported correctly. Click here.

Frozen Foods

Frozen foods un-thaw fast. Let’s understand the chemical process of freezing a perishable item, as the food item begins to freeze, the cellular wall begins to break down, that’s why when we eat something that has been frozen it doesn’t taste as good as fresh. That cellular breakdown causes the unthawed food to be more susceptible to bacteria than fresh food. What happens when we refreeze food that was previously frozen? Again, as the food item refreezes there is even more cellular breakdown, changing the integrity of the item. Also, because there has been so much cellular breakdown it is very easy for bacterial growth once those little ice crystals disappear. That is way it is so important when transporting frozen goods that it is done in a refrigerated van that has a section for frozen items. In United States, it is required to carry frozen goods at a certain temperature, to keep it safe.

Refrigerated Vans

If we are in the habit of transporting perishable items that need to be held at 40’F or frozen goods that need to be held at 0’F, we will need to invest in a refrigerated van. Where can we find such a van? Online, we can find various options of refrigerated vans for sale, new and used. We will want to choose the one that is best for transporting, the type of food items, we will be carrying. If we transport perishable items in a non-refrigerated van, we will be held accountable by the law, primarily for breaking the law and if someone does get sick from improperly transporting, we could be held responsible and even be sued by the courts. So take the time and look online to find the ideal refrigerated van for your business.

Purchasing a good refrigerated van is a small price to pay for avoiding lots of heartache.

What Should You Consider When You Are Shopping for Reefer Trucks for Sale?

If you want to buy reefer trucks, there is a need to keep a lot of factors in mind. Reefer trucks are designed in such a way that they are long lasting, more durable and covers long distances. It’s really very costly to buy a reefer truck at low cost but reefer vans for sale are easily available that you can get at very low cost. These reefer trucks are used trucks but if you make a proper search, you can buy a good one that you can use for years. Here are some guidelines that you should keep in your mind before getting the reefer trucks. If you follow them, you will not face any trouble or hurdle. So, note them!

Look for mileage:

If you are looking for reefer vans for sale then don’t forget to check the mileages. Buy the one with low mileage. Reefer trucks are usually used to cover the long distances and sometimes these are used to travel internationally. So the mileage they cover should be your utmost consideration. New reefer trucks usually cover the distance of few hundred thousand miles but the old one can cover 1 million miles as well. So, it’s not too bad to go with that.

Look for the condition:

It’s also really very important to look for the condition inside the bed of the truck. If the condition is not good, its time to move on and fine the next one that is in really good condition. Some owners try to keep it organized all the time. While picking up the right reefer truck, make sure that it’s not damaged and safe to use. Some owners really take care of the bed and work hard to maintain it in a good condition. So its time to find those good reefer truck owners. If it would be in a good condition, you can use it for indefinite period of time. It’s not prudent to get the reefer truck in poor condition. Don’t waste money and indulge yourself in frustration.

Consider the gears of reefer truck:

These trucks are always going to be manual transmission (to have gears to it and run with clutch). Sometimes the clutches are not good to use because there excessive use made them bad. Overused or misused clutches should be avoided. Therefore, it’s crucial to inspect the reefer vehicle properly so that you may use it longer. Check the clutches properly because you are not supposed to buy a damaged, misused or broken vehicle. You are spending a huge amount of money so its necessary to spend it well.

Find a reefer van in precise colour:

Usually reefer vans for sale are in white colour but you can also find them in some other unusual colours such as green, blue, gray etc. Make a search and find that which dealer is providing you with best colours. If you are unable to find the reefer truck in desired color, its time to wait until you find it.

In short, before buying reefer vans for sale, keep the above factors in mind, also you can check this link and find reefer trucks for sale online: http://www.commercialtrucktrader.com/Refrigerated-Truck-Trucks-For-Sale/search-results?category=refrigerated+truck|2000641