Choosing the best refrigerated van for your business

It seems daunting to choose a refrigerated van for the business. There are numerous types available and now and then you see the advertisements saying the refrigerated  vans for sale but, you need an expert opinion before making a decision about choosing the best one and to understand the difference between its types.

Mainly the reefer van for sale are the types of vans which are normally consumed to handle the business related to transportation of products which need to preserve in the cold temperature for long time. These refrigerated vans are used for perishable goods.

Many companies are involved in this business of renting the vans, selling them or converting them useful tool for small businesses.

Types of refrigerated van

There are many types of freezing vans available in the market at different rates ranging from the simple refrigerated vans for sale to the stunning swag of the Mercedes benz sprinter. You can choose anyone of them depending upon your requirements. Here is a brief description of its main three types.

  1. Insulation Refrigerated van

This refrigerated van is padded with the insulation for preventing the accumulation of heat. The thickness of this insulation is 50mm which is composed of the Styrofoam for better regulation of coolness. There is no refrigearation system installed in it which works remarkably. This type of van is used by botanists mostly.

  1. Chiller Refrigerated Van

Second type of refrigerated vans for sale are chiller conversion types vans. They have an insulation of the thickness of 50 mm with a chiller refrigeration system installed in them. It has setup of chiller system which can’t reach the temperature below to 0 degrees Celsius so your product will not get freeze but it will remain preserved for long period.

These reefer van for sale is a good option for the business which involves the production and transportation of vegetables and fruit from on region to another.

  1. Freezer Refrigerated Van

The last type of refrigerated van is a type of freezer. It is used for transportation of frozen products which has an insulation system same as normal refrigerators have. The thickness of insulation varies between 75 mm to 100 mm depending upon the quality of van. Temperature can set below 0 degree Celsius between the range of -10 to -25 degree Celsius.

As the products remain frozen in this refrigerated van, it also has the defrosting system. It can be used for the supply of meat, fish, and ice in the frozen form safely to the markets.

The trend of using refrigerated vans is increasing day by day. You can use any type of van from the above depending upon your requirement and feasibility. Plus, the types of product that your business produces also matter a lot. Either you own a simple reefer van or high-class Mercedes benz sprinter, it depends on the products you need to get transported from one area to another. Obviously you would not compromise on the quality of van for ensuring the safety of the goods.

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