Can You Guess the Top Three Cars Chosen by Women in 2017?

If you have to choose which were the top cars chosen by women in 2017, what do you think your list would look like? Would it be full of minivans used to ferry children from place to place? How about a large SUV to pack all of the kids’ sports equipment?


If so, then it’s time to bring your thinking out of the dark ages. With your list in hand, compare it below to the top card chosen by women in 2017.


Starting in no particular order…


BMW 7 Series

That’s right, the first car on the list is a regular sized sedan. Well, BMW’s version of a regular sized sedan. With a whopping 320 horsepower engine which can take the car to a top speed or 155 miles per hour, it’s fair to say that this isn’t the city-based zippy car you were expecting to see on this list.


As you would expect, this car comes with all of the nice niceties that usually accompany a BMW vehicle, making it the car on this list with the most included technology, something which BMW has always been synonymous for, including a range of connectivity options, sensors, and safety offerings.


Audi A3

What’s this? Another small car? What happened to all of the minivans? We told you it was time to change your thinking. Next up on the list is Audi’s A3.The 2017 model of this car includes everything you would expect from Audi, such as a powerful 220 horsepower engine capable of taking the tiny car from a to 60 miles per hour in around 5.4 seconds, topping out with a max speed or 129 miles per hour, give or take. While it may look innocent, it’s engine is anything but!


When looking at the A3, it’s important that you aren’t deceived by its size. While it may appear to be a small car, it merely has a small footprint, with the interior design taking advantage of every space available.


Volvo XC90

When it comes time for families, the common choice seem to be Volvo’s XC90. A large framed SUV, the XC90 is a great vehicle for transporting large amount of people or objects around town. Of course,with a top speed of 132 miler per hour from a 400 horsepower engine, it’s no slouch. However, due to its size, it won’t be winning races any time soon.


The main driver for this purchase seems to be the gas mileage, offering a solid 24 miles to the gallon, which is an impressive feat for a vehicle of its size and engine capacity. Of course, the fact that Volvo have been known for producing a high-quality vehicle is also likely to be a driver.

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